Nail Fungus Treatment – Does Zetaclear Work?

Does Zetaclear work? That’s a good question to start an article with; and you can find out by reading by paying attention to details. However, the answer to your question is ‘yes;’ It works well when it comes to treating nail fungus.

What is nail fungus? Nail fungus also known as onychomycosis is an infection that starts when fungi infects one or more of your nails. If left untreated, the infection may eventually spread to other toes or nails as the case may be. Symptoms of this infection include the following; thickened and crumbled nail, nail discoloration, fouling odor, etc.

Does Zetaclear WorkWhat is Zetaclear? It a homeopathic treatment for nail fungus that uses extracts from natural plants to deal with the infection from its root. Its ingredients have been used by several experts in homeopathy for many years to treat not just nail fungus; but several other infections as well.

How it works: the product is a two-in-one package that contains topical solution and oral homeopathic spray. A combination of both will adequately tackle nail fungus fast and effectively if instructions are adhered to. The topical solution works under the surface to promote healthy nails. It also polishes and softens the skin around the nail; making your nails healthier and smooth. The homeopathic spray contains ingredient that combat nail fungus directly into the bloodstream. Of course, you don’t have to worry about side effects as Zetaclear is quite safe.

How long would it take to get treated? Reports from the manufacturer’s official site say it would take about a month to manifest. The company believes that the gel in the product would have broken down the keratin debris, and also make it soft.

How to use Zetaclear

• Start by applying the topical solution with the use of a brush applicator onto the nail then cover with a waterproof or regular bandaid afterward.

• Thoroughly dry nail after bathing and reapply the solution a second time; but this time with a new bandaid.

• Make sure you crape out keratin debris everyday with an emery board for as long as treatment lasts. Also, don’t forget to sand the flat surface of your nail as often as possible every week.

For the Oral Spray, you need to spray it under the tongue three times daily.

Finally, Zetaclear is a product that works when it comes to treating nail fungus. However, results may not be instant; but in the end it is a very good product.

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