ZetaClear Ingredients – What Is In This Popular Toenail Fungus Remover?

Nail fungus are unsightly, and can be highly embarrassing to anyone infected; which calls for a solution that can effectively tackle its symptoms from its root. ZetaClear is one of the most reliable remedies that combine natural and unnatural ingredients capable of bringing you lasting relief from toenail fungus.

ZetaClear is all natural remedy that tackles toenail fungus and its symptoms from its root. The product is so powerful that toenail fungus stands no chance of surviving its combination of homeopathic ingredients. The product has been highly formulated with the right blend of natural ingredients to clear up the yellow debris left behind; thereby allowing you to proudly display your toes to the public once again.


ZetaClear ingredients contain no harmful substance that can cause you any side effect. These ingredients have been clinically tested, and approved by the FDA; and thereby found to be suitable for treating toenail fungus. These ingredients include the following:

  • Antimoniom Curdum- this ingredient is included to bring relieve to the pain underneath the nail as well as to encourage the growth of new nail. This ingredient also treats the discolouration and the horny growths that may occur on the nails as well as underneath.
  • Mancinella- this ingredient fights against the bluish discolouration that people infected with toenail fungus get on their fingernails and the dryness, tingling and burning sensations that they also suffer from on the soles of their feet.
  • Sulphur-this is one of the oldest ingredients used in curing various illnesses and fevers. It also relieves ulcers of the nails, inflammation and swelling on the points of the fingers, the pain of corns and itchy, hot feet. 12x.
  • Thuja Occidentalis: this ingredient is used in treating a range of problems, the main ones being Hangnails, soft, crumbling or brittle nails, chilblains and can also help to reduce warts.
  • Nitricum Acidum- this ingredient is added to relieve symptoms, rough skin, as well as the spots of white that appear on the nails.
  • Arsenicum Album- this ingredient treats the discolouration of the nail, and is also used for warts and other skin conditions. 200c.

The above ingredients can be found in the homeopathic spray.

However, for the ZetaClear solution, the following ingredients have been included to make the product one of the most effective in curing toenail fungus: Tea Tree Oil; Almond Oil; Jojoba Oil; Vitamin E Oil; Clove Oil; Lemongrass Oil; and Undecylenic Oil.


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